The Return of West Fest!

The beloved West Fest will return to Tradition Square after its summer hiatus on Friday, September 21st. If you’ve never attended one of these monthly community events,  it’s certainly worth checking out for a free, family-friendly evening that is something different to do. There is just a warm, small-town feel to these events that is true to Tradition’s appeal.

The town square is lined with local businesses, artisans, and food vendors  to peruse and grab a bite. The lawn fills with families on blankets enjoying the musical act as the kids run and play with friends. There are usually kids activities at some of the booths, too, like face painting or crafts. For the adults, it can also be a good way to put a face to some of the nearby businesses that have a booth at the event or even to find a unique, handmade gift.

West Fest is also a nice way to meet your neighbors since it gets everyone out to relax and socialize. It’s almost like the ‘block party’ of Tradition–and you really can’t beat the setting. Tradition Square has a nice selection of restaurants to eat at if you’re not feeling the ‘vendor’ food and the kids will be sure to drag you to Tutti Frutti for dessert.

Community events in this area that actually feel like more than just a bunch of businesses and local politicians trying to sell you something can be few and far between and that’s why West Fest seems to stand out from the others. Come check it out–we’ll see you there!

Families enjoying West Fest in Tradition.

West Fest takes place in Tradition Square the third Friday of each month beginning at 5:30pm.

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