Tradition Medical Center

Tradition Medical Center

Discover a Great Place to Live, Play & Work

Tradition Florida is on the map as a great place to live, play, and work. Businesses have been attracted to the ever-growing area, particularly in the biotech industry, resulting in the Tradition Center for Innovation (TCI) being developed as part of Florida’s ‘research coast’. The primary institutions housed in TCI are Torrey Pines Institute for Molecular Studies, Mann Research Center, and Tradition Medical Center.

Tradition Medical Center is a 90-bed hospital and includes medical-surgical, an intensive care unit, and emergency department and a neonatal intensive care unit. Initially there will be four operating rooms but there are plans to expand to approximately 300-beds with an on-site research component.These plans have already been approved and are moving forward as of late 2015.

Expansion plans are set to include more commercial and retail opportunities to serve the community and its residents in the future as well.


If you want to live in Tradition, click to start searching for homes like an agent or contact Tradition Realtors Jeremy & Elyse Glass of The Glass Group, RE/MAX Masterpiece Realty for more information 772-206-0246

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